We are NOW accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.

We now accept all Provisional non-vocational teacher licenses, including Elementary, Special Education and more!


The Performance Review Program for Initial Licensure (PRPIL) is an alternative licensure program for Massachusetts teachers who are ready to advance from a Provisional license to an Initial license. The program is Route 2 in the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's Regulations for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program Approval. Class Measures administers this program on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). In order to successfully complete this program, teachers must demonstrate that they are satisfactorily meeting the standards detailed in Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) as well as a selection of elements from the Professional Standards for Teachers.

Class Measures has been providing this program since its inception in 2003. In that time, PRPIL has grown from an initial cohort of 25 teachers to its current size of approximately 300 teachers per year. More than 3,000 teachers have now earned their Initial license through PRPIL.

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in PRPIL
Improves Practice Save Money No Additional Coursework Focus On Your Job Save Time

Our surveys show that this program improves practice within the classroom 

PRPIL costs less than other programs

Only 120 hours in pedagogy are required

All program requirements are completed while you are teaching

Earn your Initial license in 4-6 months


Massachusetts' teachers holding a Provisional license are expected to advance to an Initial license during their fourth or fifth year of teaching under a Provisional license.* Teachers holding a Preliminary or Provisional license have not yet completed a student teaching practicum accepted by the state. Therefore, PRPIL is designed to offer a framework for demonstrating that they hold the pedagogical skills required to remain in the classroom as described in the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP). This framework includes a prerequisite requirement of 120 hours of training in pedagogy.

*Please Note: A Provisional license is good for 5 years of full-time teaching beginning in the month in which you actually begin teaching. For part-time teachers, progress toward the five year mark is prorated accordingly. The Provisional license was previously known as the Preliminary license. For further clarification please contact the Class Measures office or the DESE Office of Educator Licensure.

Teachers enrolled in PRPIL are assessed based on the two main components of the program: a portfolio and classroom observations. Documentation occurs using several CAP documents.



Throughout the program, teachers work with the support of two experienced educators: a mentor chosen by the teacher and an Instructional Consultant recruited and trained by Class Measures. The teacher, mentor, and Instructional Consultant work together to complete a total of four classroom observations (two announced observations with the Instructional Consultant and two unannounced observations with the mentor). Each enrolled teacher also compiles a portfolio. Portfolios include a one-page reflection for each of the four standards and two pieces of hard evidence for each selected element as well as several required forms. The goal is to demonstrate that the teacher is exhibiting competence in the standards through his/her regular classroom teaching.


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