Consulting opportunities

Class Measures is currently accepting applications for Instructional Consultants licensed in all subject areas.

Instructional Consultants (ICs) are experienced educators recruited and trained by Class Measures to work with teachers accepted into PRPIL. Instructional Consultants work in conjunction with mentors to provide support for teachers throughout the program.

The Instructional Consultant's primary responsibility is to evaluate a teacher's ability to demonstrate competence in a selection of elements from the Professional Standards for Teachers using the CAP process. This evaluation is based upon two main forms of data - review of the teacher's portfolio and classroom observations.

All Instructional Consultants must meet the following minimum requirements:

Hold a Professional teaching license in Massachusetts;

Hold a Masters Degree or National Board Certification;

Have at least three years teaching experience;

Attend periodic trainings offered by Class Measures.

Please see the sidebar to download the Instructional Consultant Application.