Prospective applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Hold a Massachusetts Provisional (formerly known as Preliminary) non-vocational teaching license.

2. Have completed at least three years of teaching under a Provisional licensure. Teachers cannot begin the PRPIL program until they have completed their third year of teaching following issuance of the Provisional license.

3. Have completed 120 hours of educational coursework or training related to the pedagogy of teaching. Please note, for the purposes of this program:

A combination of undergraduate/graduate course credits and PDPs can be used to reach the 120 hour requirement.

The ESE has determined that all 3 and 4 credit undergraduate/graduate education courses equal 45 hours, regardless of the institution's course hours. Each PDP equals 1 hour.

For course credits, please provide a transcript. For PDPs, please provide copies of your PDP certificates or an official list of PDPs from a district administrator.

All training hours must be in pedagogy. This includes differentiated instruction, classroom management, skillful teaching, incorporating technology in the classroom, SEI endorsement credits and other pedagogical topics. The training does not need to be subject area specific.

See Earn Professional Development Points for an opportunity to earn PDPs through online courses offered by Knowledge Delivery Systems.

5. Be currently teaching in the subject and grade level of the Provisional license being advanced.

6. Find a mentor who holds an Initial or Professional license in Massachusetts.

7. Be recommended by his/her current principal.

8. For Core Academic Subject teachers only: Hold an SEI Endorsement from DESE.

9. For Music Teachers Only: Be able to present evidence verifying all subject matter topics listed in the Subject Matter Knowledge for Music document.


If you are unsure if you meet the above eligibility requirements, please contact us at 781-939-5699 or