The challenge to schools and organizations responsible for improving schools is laying the foundation for sustainable improvement. Our Instructional Quality School Reviews lay that foundation.

We contract with trained consultants, including former successful superintendents and principals, who understand how good schools work and who have the capacity and experience to identify areas for school improvement.

Our Instructional Quality School Review process provides decision makers with the comprehensive information they need to make determinations about the performance of a school.


Utilizing a well-developed and tested Instructional Quality School Review methodology, highly qualified, specially trained external review teams visit a school and develop findings oriented toward the school's capacity to improve student achievement. Our Instructional Quality School Reviews highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the school within the context and history of the school.

IQSRs serve as:

A measure of the quality of teaching and learning gained from classroom observations and the evaluation of school-wide instructional practices, structures, and programs.

A measure of whether resources are provided equitably for all students to meet performance standards.

A measure of the culture for learning that is created by school leaders and instructional staff across the school.

A measure of the quality of the partnerships schools have with families and the local community and the contribution these relationships make to student achievement.

A measure of the capacity of school leaders to assess and improve the quality of instruction and raise academic and social achievement.

A measure of the organizational and financial capacity of the school to fulfill its mission and meet student achievement goals.

A measure of the effectiveness of the school's leadership and governance structure, student assessment systems, curriculum, programs for at-risk students, and teacher evaluation systems.

Instructional Quality School Reviews are data-driven and evidence-based. Our tested methodology includes a review of documents, interviews with school leaders, teachers, parents, and students, and classroom observations. The IQSR report includes findings that identify programming and instructional gaps that should be addressed to improve school performance.  The report also includes and prioritizes action planning to address report findings.