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Senior Bid Manager, Education Services

USD 60,000- USD 80,000

Home Based, Arizona   

Closing date: October 31st

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Business Support Officer (NYSED)

USD 40,000- USD 50,000

Home Based/Arizona    

Closing date: October 31st

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Driving effective school improvement through education equity

Our proven school improvement processes, with a keen focus on leadership for education equity, deliver effective, measurable and sustainable impact – for schools, districts, charter schools, management organisations and state education departments.

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Massachusetts Teacher Initial teacher Licensure

PRPIL - the alternative route to your initial teaching license in Massachusetts. Earn your initial license in less than 6 months, while you teach, and at a lower cost than other routes.

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The Importance of Coaching for Leadership Development

School leaders are relied on as chief problem solvers. Their willingness and capacity to take on this challenging role is essential to school success. Traditional leadership training, however, often...
Blog School Improvement Class Measures Highlight Effective Learning Observation English Language Learners

School restoration strategies - doing things differently

As I work with schools across the country, I notice three areas of need as they return to school face-to-face instruction after the pandemic. There is a need to RESTORE - Restore relationships,...

Massachusetts teachers seek an alternative, faster route to Initial Licensure as emergency ‘grace period’ comes to an end

Holding an Initial License as a teacher in Massachusetts opens up your career prospects significantly, and is mandated after five years teaching on a Provisional License. Yet updating your license...