Plan for school improvement - impact through proven approaches

Increase the capacity of your organization to deliver school improvement and equity in your school. Our proven school improvement strategies harness the potential of leaders, managers, and all instructional staff to deliver sustainable school improvement success.


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As part of your school improvement plan, you may need to address a specific need in your school observation and feedback cycle; your school leaders may have highlighted development requirements; or it may be a more holistic approach required to turn around school performance and deliver equity in education.


When planning for school improvement, however specific or expansive your needs, our carefully chosen experts will help drive equitable and sustainable improvement through your organization. When you engage with Class Measures, you can be assured that our work will always draw upon internationally proven best practice as well as innovative approaches that are underpinned by our extensive local, national and international experience.

Creating the conditions for equity and success

In this latest series of three interviews, two of our experts in schools and program quality share their latest thoughts and experiences on how school and district leaders are, against the backdrop of the pandemic, re-evaluating and redefining how they go about school improvement.


Assessing learning and learning gaps

Filling the gaps in state assessment data and embedding more holistic approaches to assessing learning.

Leveraging real value and equity from school review

Assessing high quality learning, supporting change, and prioritizing key initiatives.

Acceleration not remediation

Collaborating across stakeholders on instructional vision, level-setting and the development of a more cohesive, intentional school culture.


    • Independent, external, deep-dive evaluations of school effectiveness (available as virtual or in-person)
    • Identify programming and instructional gaps that should be addressed to improve school performance
    • Obtain a holistic measure of the effectiveness and impact of instruction, and objectively identify action planning priorities




    • Measure the impact of teaching - quantify the success of PD implementation and the success of differentiation strategies on equity in education
    • Immediately influence the tangible evidence of student learning
    • Cultivate a culture of quality peer-to-peer learning




    • Establish a customized and comprehensive roadmap for the future development of provision
    • Articulate a shared vision of purpose, establish a common goal, and create a positive school culture
    • Implement the most important priorities to drive improvements in instruction and raise standards.




    • Establish a practical and productive approach to professional learning and coaching cycles
    • Ensure all teaching teams use common planning and collaborative time in the most effective way possible
    • Develop teachers’ string skills in collaborative lesson design that incorporate effective learning and teaching strategies




    • Identify programming and instructional gaps that should be addressed to specifically help close the EL achievement gap
    • Provide the foundation for sustainable improvement and the roadmap for EL provision




    • Foster the skills to develop school improvement strategies that are effective, equitable and sustainable
    • Empower leaders to objectively and accurately analyze school performance (monitoring)
    • Enable leaders to respond appropriately to ensure continuous and sustainable improvement (strategic planning)



Clover Park School District

"Class measures staff have gone above and beyond to work alongside our schools, ensuring that schools are leading the process and that work aligns to each school's unique student population and priority goals. The Collaboration has been an extremely positive experience for school-leadership and staff"

Suzy Kontos

Director of Teaching and Learning