Delivering effective and sustainable school and district improvement

Class Measures has been transforming teaching, learning and leadership for more than 20 years. We work with teachers, schools, districts, authorizers and educational authorities across the US to consistently deliver effective and sustainable school improvement.

School improvement services to match your goals

Our diverse and dynamic team of 135 consultants are trained teachers, administrators,  experienced school and district reviewers who have worked in classrooms and/or in senior leadership positions across a variety of schools, districts and education organizations.

Our customers consistently say Class Measures differs from other external school improvement consultants because of our ability to draw upon such a range of highly trained specialists with recent and relevant educational experience. So, we are able to pull together the most appropriate and effective team, whatever your schools’ particular challenges. And this means that you can be confident you will derive the maximum value from every project you undertake with us.

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Tackle issues by going to the heart of the problem; devise and implement sustainable approaches to ongoing school improvement that develops both your staff and your leadership. We ensure the greatest impact from your improvement budget.

Build long-term school improvement capacity in your district and achieve effective, measurable and sustainable impact. We help embed improvement in the culture of each school by developing appropriate skill-sets and district-specific tools with strong buy-in from staff and leaders.

Access our specialists to help develop and implement the most appropriate practices to meet the unique needs of your staff. 

Our programs with state education departments, such as New York, Washington State, Louisiana, Alabama and Massachusetts, are designed to align with the state’s key medium-to-long-term objectives. Our holistic programs increase capacity to embed continuous improvement across the state’s schools, districts and leaderships teams.

Increase the quality of your charter schools' performance by embedding best practices for school evaluation, effective lesson observation, action planning, and the development of appropriate and effective school improvement strategies. 

Where we have recently worked




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754 schools in 113 districts visited by our Outside Education Experts

using the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness as part of our ongoing partnership with the New York State Education Department (NYSED)





Over 300 consultants

help deliver our school improvement services, including expert leads in English Language Development, Special Education, Culturally Relevant Curriculum, Equity and Diversity, Blended Learning and Evaluation practices

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More than 20 states and 30 districts

outside of New York State have benefited from our 3-stage school improvement process

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38 schools in 10 districts reviewed

as part of our project with the Alabama State Department of Education