Establish and embed a customized and comprehensive roadmap for the future development of provision

Develop a targeted, cost-effective strategic improvement plan to address the unique needs within your schools. Don’t just develop, but embed, sustainable best practice in schools and districts by building on internal capability and capacity.


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We help create the conditions for success in your schools - by developing quality action plans that deliver authentic results; and by focusing on the implementation and embedding of appropriate teaching and school improvement strategies.

Develop appropriate action plans

  • Develop the continuing professional development and teaching strategies that are right for each school
  • Address specific factors that contribute to, or hinder, academic success as it applies to focus student groups

Be informed by up-to-date best practice

  • Inform plans with the latest research and national educational trends
  • Stay current on criteria of success as it applies to meeting the federal guidelines as established by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Build your strengths and eliminate weaknesses

  • Develop/improve the culture of learning within the school
  • Leverage the competencies and cultural expertise of human capital within your school community

Develop systems and structures to support success

  • Developing structures that support the planning of rigorous and challenging lessons aligned to state standards
  • Developing systems and strategies to ensure that instructional time is maximized
  • Developing school-wide structures ensuring supportive discipline is administered in a measured and reasonable way to ensure socio-emotional needs of students are met

Develop your staff strategically

  • Help to train staff and support teachers to gain appropriate credentials
  • Provide teachers with on-going professional learning opportunities, coaching, and constructive feedback
  • Develop data walls ensuring student performance data is understood and used throughout the school

Foster and promote expertise

  • Share best practices through focused walk-throughs and the creation of classrooms that are centers of excellence
  • Scheduling frequent opportunities for teachers to meet collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities to plan lessons and share effective instructional strategies

Become more culturally responsive

  • Ensuring that all teachers have a clear understanding of the features of a culturally competent learning environment
  • Focusing on instructional approaches that target and empower student learning that is culturally responsive

Develop engaging partnerships

We not only facilitate a clear vision of desired outcomes, but also a structured methodology of collaboratively constructed objectives in order to realize that vision. By guiding teachers and school leaders to reflectively analyze systems already currently in place, Class Measures consultants develop an action plan that establishes metrics of evaluation outside of standardized testing, and is designed to create sustainable impact.

We help you avoid taking courses of action that may not suit the specific needs of your individual populations and would limit results, leading to teacher frustration and overload.

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4

“The time with Class Measures lasted just two days, and though the purpose was to perform a school quality review, the actual result was a revolution in my practice as a principal and in our school’s instructional focus.”


Arrange an informal chat with a member of the team to discuss how you might begin to address your specific issues and transform learning for your students.


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