Class Measures implement programs and frameworks that improve the quality of Social and Emotional Learning provision, and demonstrate the evidence-based impact this provision has on student outcomes.

Our professional development programs include effective instruction, evidence-based curricula, social-emotional learning competencies, and competency-based assessment.

We'll help you build confidence and capacity  in your school, district or state, to implement new ideas and strategies in the classroom and have an immediate positive impact on student learning.

To help make evidence-based social and emotional learning an integral part of education from preschool through high school, our consultants are continuously trained on all aspects of the SEL framework.

Assess the quality of your SEL provision

  • Gain an independent assessment of the quality of SEL provision and the evidence-based impact this provision has on student outcomes.

  • Benefit from a remote or hybrid needs assessment led by our Research & Assessment experts that draw upon a comprehensive range of evidence and stakeholders. Includes: Student performance analysis; leadership discussion groups; Observations of student learning.

Optimise your SEL framework

  • Develop effective frameworks/rubrics at state, district or school level, to support all students.

  • Develop a collective definition of success and shared vision for SEL, along with the set of core social and emotional competencies that are essential to the needs and context of your schools.

Develop SEL competencies

  • Development of core SEL competencies that are pertinent and unique to your students, and  are suitably aspirational to ensure progressive and continuous development of honed social and emotional skills.
  • Development of appropriate indicators to support assessment at all phases of education.
  • High quality training and sustainable mechanisms for ongoing training, including train-the-trainers models.

Access high quality training provision

  • Tailored packages of training support to develop core SEL competencies in all phases of learning.
  • Train-the-trainer models to develop internal capacity
  • SEL coaching and leadership capacity building.

Micro-credential SEL competencies

  • Ensure that all micro-credentials are competency based, authentic, shareable, and learner-driven
  • Support of micro-credentialing in SEL competencies for teachers and students.
  • Production of micro-credential awarded professional developments/trainings/tutorials/online learning sessions for teachers.
  • Creation of micro-credential assessment rubrics, scoring and and scoring calibration processes.
  • Develop the teacher knowledge and skills to support effective differentiation and inclusion processes.
  • Enhance the availability, dissemination, and equitable opportunity for all learners through the Class Measures suite of digital platforms.

Montgomery Public Schools

“Working with Class Measures provided me with the opportunity as a school leader to receive valuable input from a diverse group of qualified educators on how to improve the learning culture of my school. The process was very beneficial and inclusive. We were able to improve and optimize our learning environment as a result of their work.”

Antonio Williams, Principal at Lanier High


Arrange an informal chat with a member of the team to discuss how you might begin to address your specific issues and transform learning for your students.



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