Become a PRPIL Instructional Consultant (IC)

PRPIL Instructional Consultants (ICs) are qualified National Board-Certified Teachers or Teachers who hold a master’s degree in teaching or a related field. ICs provide support and mentorship to PRPIL teaching candidates and play a vital role in the growth and development of new teachers in the program. ICs are assigned to and work with teachers participating in the program, serving as the teacher's primary resource for guidance during the program.

What it means to be an Instructional Consultant


IC Responsibilities

The IC’s responsibility is to observe and support the teacher’s ability to demonstrate competence in a selection of elements from the Professional Standards for teachers, using the Candidate Assessment of Performance process (CAP). The PRPIL Program is based upon two main forms of data - classroom observations and review of the teacher’s e-portfolio.

For each assigned teacher, the IC responsibilities include:

  • contacting the enrolled teacher and mentor teacher to arrange a communication plan and schedule for the program
  • participating in all 3-Way meetings with teacher and mentor teacher
  • conducting a minimum of three announced observations to observe teacher’s ability to demonstrate selected competencies as outline in CAP;
  • conducting post observation meetings to provide both oral and written feedback with the teacher and mentor teachers within 24-48 hours, in-person or virtually, to develop tangible goals that the teacher will work on between observations
  • assisting the teacher in the development of an electronic portfolio
  • collaborating with mentor teacher to provide formative and summative ratings for the teacher
  • scheduling time with school administration to discuss how the teacher’s implementation of teaching practices align with school administration’s observational findings
  • supporting the teacher in identifying strong knowledge, understanding and skill with DEI issues
  • providing monthly logs to the Class Measures office, with detailed descriptions of time spent working with each teacher and their mentor. The monthly communication should also include progress or concerns that might hinder the teacher’s completion of the program
  • attending mandatory PRPIL related training throughout the school year
  • participating in portfolio reviews, when assigned, to support the Class Measures team
  • Communicating with and/or recruiting candidates to enhance the diversity of the PRPIL program overall
  • signing all required paperwork at the end of the program, assuming all parties agree that the enrolled teacher should be endorsed for Initial licensure.



As part of the IC’s professional development plan, they will obtain:

  • 20 Professional Development Points (PDP)
  • A stipend of $900.00 per teacher candidate (paid on completion of the licensing process)


Reporting structure