What is a PRPIL Mentor?

A PRPIL Mentor is a fellow educator chosen by the participating teacher during the application process. The mentor works in conjunction with the instructional consultant to provide support for the teacher throughout the program. The mentor earns 20 professional development points (PDPs) when the teacher successfully completes the program.


Eligibility requirements

A potential mentor must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Initial (with three years of teaching under the Initial) or Professional teaching license in Massachusetts;
  • High-quality standing within the district, including the support of the teacher's principal; and
  • Commitment to fulfilling all Mentor Responsibilities as outlined below.


Mentor responsibilities

All mentors are required to fulfil the following responsibilities while participating in PRPIL:

  • Provide general support to the teacher, including guidance and feedback as needed
  • Participate in all 3-Way meetings
  • Conduct 2 unannounced observations including verbal and written feedback
  • Work with the Instructional Consultant to agree upon formative and summative ratings
  • Sign all required paperwork at the end of the program, assuming all parties agree that the enrolled teacher should be endorsed for Initial licensure