Covid-19 statement: The PRPIL team is committed to ensuring that all schools' and districts' safety and health guidelines are followed for teachers enrolled in the program. PRPIL program requirements will support maintaining the health and safety of the PRPIL staff, program participants and their school communities. These requirements include virtual observations (where in person classes are not available), virtual meetings with mentors and teachers and electronic submission of final portfolio.

  • CAP Process

  • CAP Form

    Owner: Instructional Consultant

  • Example CAP form

    Teacher/Mentor/Instructional Consultant to use this as a guide to complete their section of the teacher’s CAP Form

  • Observation form

  • Formative assessment form

    Owner: Instructional Consultant and Mentor

  • Summative assessment form

    Owner: Instructional Consultant and Mentor

  • Baseline assessment form

  • Candidate self-assessment form

  • Candidate self-reflection form

  • Post-conference form

  • Standards Indicators evidence rubric

  • ePortfolio Evidence Outline

  • Portfolio Evidence Implementation Form

  • Portfolio evidence list and reflections

    Owner: Teacher

  • Portfolio summary page

  • GUIDE: Completing your ePortfolio

    Two-minute demonstration video

  • Feedback forms

  • The role of your mentor

  • The role of your Instructional Consultant

  • FAQs