Doing the right things, differently

Our affordable, high-impact school restoration package has been designed to accelerate your school's capacity to implement sustainable restoration strategies in the wake of Covid-19.

We understand that now is the time for schools to be highly responsive to student and teacher needs. This is the time to do things differently – our programs help you identify strategy and action to prioritize your response, and also how to respond in a highly effective manner that leads to immediate impact and sustainable improvement – for your whole school community.

The package is designed to assist your school in adopting the most appropriate methods of supporting student learning by providing relevant guidance and specialist assistance to address your most pressing issues.

We provide the help that school leaders and staff need most right now. Each package costs under $15,000.

Our 4-step program is structured to deliver results quickly, but just as importantly, to develop leadership and staff capacity to deliver sustainable and effective school improvement.

See how the program can work for your school.

Arrange a 15 minute exploratory call with one of our School Restoration specialists:

A tailored and targeted program

The program commences with a strategic plan evaluation and remote needs assessment that guarantees your accelerated action planning will yield the greatest effects.

This process identifies the most beneficial restoration strategy from the four listed below. These, however, are not off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead, the strategy is tailored to your school’s prioritized needs.

Step 1: Strategic Plan Evaluation

Evaluating how well aligned your strategic plan is with the school’s immediate challenges.

  • An independent review of the strategic plan that removes bias and preconceptions.
  • Obtain an objective view of the school’s provision and capacity to improve.
  • Create consensus on which of the plan activities will yield the most immediate and effective impact, given the changed learning context.

A one-day discussion with your leadership team to evaluate the current strategic plan in light of the immediate challenges, and to understand the unique aspects of the school, its culture, and its community. Conducted by two School Restoration Specialists.

Step 2: Remote needs assessment

A snapshot of the current school position to highlight strengths and areas for growth that are most relevant for restoration processes.

  • Identification of where there is true capacity to build best practice and where support is needed.
  • Creation of support plans to ensure equitable opportunity for successful learning for all students.
  • Ensure that teachers feel supported and guided in developing new mindset, skills, and professional dexterity to support student learning.
A one-day remote observation and discussion process, conducted by two School Restoration Specialists involving:
  • Observation and feedback on student learning
  • Teacher and other stakeholder focus groups
  • Oral feedback to the school’s leadership team
  • Alignment with strategic planning decisions
  • Short written report to support action planning.

Step 3: Accelerated Action Planning

A concise and appropriate action plan to address your most immediate challenges/priorities.

  • A clear vision and roadmap for the desired outcomes.
  • Drive and embed positive change
  • Avoid taking unsuitable courses of action that that would limit results, leading to teacher frustration and overload.

A one-day, collaboratively constructed methodology to deliver authentic results based on your school’s priorities.
Conducted by two School Restoration Specialists.

Step 4: Prioritized improvement strategy delivery

Specialist-led strategy implementation to quickly deliver improvements in your priority area.

  • The right program to quickly deliver sustainable school improvement
  • Develop the systems and structures to support success
  • Foster and promote internal expertise

Implementation of one of the below proven school improvement methodologies tailored to your school’s specific situation, challenges and goals. Delivered by a School Restoration specialist carefully chosen to match your school’s specific needs.

4a. Supporting the needs of English Language Learners

Develop the most effective instructional strategies and learning environments for your EL learners.

A comprehensive, end-to-end improvement process harnessing the potential of leaders, managers, and all instructional staff, and then optimizing that potential in every classroom to close the EL achievement gap.

  • Optimize the impact of your English Learner strategies and close the English Learner achievement gap.
  • Develop the systems and strategies to ensure that EL instructional time is maximized.
  • Focus on instructional approaches that target and empower student learning that is culturally responsive

4b. Effective Learning Observation

The accelerated observation and feedback process. Empower staff to assess the quality of student learning and recognize for whom and when student learning is most effective without a reliance on formative assessment data. Provide relevant data to make relevant and immediately actionable instructional adjustments to improve student learning

Effective Learning Observation shifts the focus of observations from teacher instruction to student learning, so teachers can very quickly and accurately see if learning is effective and establish how they can move learning forward.

  • Develop a culture of quality peer-to-peer learning.
  • Demonstrate the specific impacts of school improvement work that are hard to capture in the metrics commonly used in accountability systems.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to teachers so that they make the interim changes in practice that are culturally responsive and lead to improved outcomes for students

4c. Planning for Project Based Learning and mastery learning

Creating relevant, effectively differentiated, motivating and interest-based learning opportunities for students at all levels of performance.

Specialist support to enliven teaching and learning with relevant cross-subject connections, context and interest driven project work, clear assessment mechanisms and rigorous monitoring techniques to ensure that learning is equitable, accessible, enjoyable, and dynamically measurable.

  • Capacity building for all teachers with strong support mechanisms that build collegiality, peer support and clear plans and timelines.
  • Building contemporary, contextual, and highly relevant learning opportunities for all students.
  • Creating and implementing assessment and monitoring processes provide regular data about student learning.

4d. Focused planning for high potential students

Ensuring that students with exceptional knowledge, skills, talents, and gifts excel in all aspects of learning through individualized and responsive provision.

Supporting your school’s identified high achieving students to reach their full potential by ensuring teachers plan and implement lessons that motivate, challenge, and result in high impact learning at expected levels of performance.

  • Equitably meeting the needs of your school’s most capable learners
  • Supporting teachers to increase demand and rigor
  • Building case studies of best practice across your school.

Quality Assured

Class Measures restoration processes are research-based and carefully quality assured to ensure consistency, reliability, and effective results. Throughout the pandemic period, and especially as we move to school-based learning, our teams of specialist support consultants have worked successfully to build supportive connections with leaders and teachers that guide new thinking, new action, and new results.

Creating the conditions for success

Examples of our work...

Increasing proficiency in English Language Arts by 50%

How Esperanza Charter School developed their capacity to improve and demonstrated progress against the backdrop of a high English Learner and economically disadvantaged learner population

Meeting high demands in changing and challenging times

How Clover Park School District addressed school improvement needs across a group of schools each with unique student populations and priority goals.

Pinpointing the key efforts for school growth

How Meridian Middle School accelerated student learning through a combination of collaborative quality school review, authentic action planning and challenging the beliefs and systems that were inhibiting progress.

Clover Park School District

"Class Measures staff have gone above and beyond to work alongside our schools, ensuring that schools are leading the process and that work aligns to each school's unique student population and priority goals. The Collaboration has been an extremely positive experience for school-leadership and staff"

Suzy Kontos

Director of Teaching and Learning