Turn around low performance, sustain high levels of success.

External quality reviews have been proven to drive up school improvement in school systems across the world. Through the identification of strengths and areas for growth, we help leaders focus on priority strategies that increase the productivity and success of day-to-day work.

Why conduct quality reviews


Class Measures has conducted over 2000 reviews across the US, helping turn-around low-performing schools, and supporting some of the best performing schools in the country to sustain high levels of success.

  • Assess the quality of instruction being provided by teachers
  • Measure the effectiveness and impact of organizational structures on schools’ provision
  • Obtain an objective view of schools’ provision and capacity to improve
  • Identify and verify additional resources required to hit school improvement goals
  • Satisfy the monitoring requirements for state and federal grant programs
  • Identify action planning priorities
  • Improve the quality of teaching
  • Embed sustainable best practice to build on internal capability/capacity

How our quality reviews work


Class Measures’ Quality Reviews are data-driven, evidence-based and available as virtual or in-person exercises, depending on your school/district guidelines. They include a review of documents; interviews with school leaders; focus groups with teachers, parents and students; and classroom observations. Our reviews bring focus to your school improvement efforts and instil positivity in staff through our collaborative approach.

Our reviews explore and make recommendations on many school aspects, including:

  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Instructional practices, structures and programs
  • Distribution of resources
  • Culture for learning
  • Partnerships with families and local community
  • Leadership and governance
  • Organizational and financial capacity


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