Covid-19 statement: The PRPIL team is committed to ensuring that all schools' and districts' safety and health guidelines are followed for teachers enrolled in the program. PRPIL program requirements will support maintaining the health and safety of the PRPIL staff, program participants and their school communities. This requirements include virtual observations (where in person classes are not available), virtual meetings with mentors and teachers and electronic submission of final portfolio.


Are you eligible for PRPIL?

In order to be eligible for PRPIL, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Hold a Massachusetts Provisional (formerly known as Preliminary) non-vocational teaching license.
  2. Have completed three years of teaching under an MA Provisional license .
  3. Have completed 120 hours of educational coursework or training related to the pedagogy of teaching. Please note, for the purposes of this program:
    • A combination of undergraduate/graduate course credits and PDPs can be used to reach the 120 hour requirement.
    • DESE has determined that all 3 and 4 credit undergraduate/graduate education courses equal 45 hours, regardless of the institution's course hours. Each PDP equals 1 hour.
    • For course credits, please provide a transcript. For PDPs, please provide copies of your PDP certificates or an official list of PDPs from a district administrator.
    • All training hours must be in pedagogy. This includes differentiated instruction, classroom management, skillful teaching, incorporating technology in the classroom, SEI endorsement credits and other pedagogical topics. The training does not need to be subject area specific.
    • [A copy of your undergraduate/graduate transcript does not need to be uploaded, if you did not take an educational course(s).]
  4. Be currently teaching in the subject and grade level of the Provisional license being advanced.
  5. Find a mentor from your school or district who holds an Initial or Professional license in Massachusetts.
  6. Be recommended by your current principal.
  7. Hold an SEI Endorsement from DESE (Core Academic Subject teachers only)
  8. Be able to present evidence verifying all subject matter topics listed in the Subject Matter Knowledge for Music document (Music teachers only)

If you are unsure whether or not you meet the above eligibility requirements, please contact us at 781-939-5699 or email We’re here to help.


Program overview

Throughout the PRPIL program, you will work with the support of two experienced educators: a mentor chosen by you, and an Instructional Consultant recruited and trained by Class Measures.

You, your mentor, and Instructional Consultant will work together to complete a total of five classroom observations (three announced observations with the Instructional Consultant and two unannounced observations with the mentor). You will also compile a portfolio. Portfolios include a reflection for each of the four standards and two pieces of hard evidence for each selected element as well as several required forms. The goal is to demonstrate that you are exhibiting competence in the standards through your regular classroom teaching.

Your Mentor will already hold an Initial or Professional license and will be a teacher of high-quality standing who has received the support of your principal. Their role is to provide you with general support, guidance and feedback as needed.

Your Mentor will participate in all 3-way meetings; will conduct 2 unannounced observations (virtual or in-person) including verbal and written feedback; will work with your Instructional Consultant to agree formative and summative ratings; and sign all required forms at the end of the program, assuming all parties agree that you should be endorsed for Initial licensure.

NB: Mentors receive 20 PDP points on your completion of the program.

Your Instructional Consultant trained by Class Measures will be an experienced educator and/or administrator with a minimum of three years teaching experience, and hold a Professional license in Massachusetts, at least a Master’s Degree and/or National Board Certification. They are there to observe a teacher’s ability to demonstrate competence in a selection of elements from the Professional Standards for Teachers using the Candidate for Assessment of Performance Process (CAP).

Your Instructional Consultant and mentor will each observe you five times in your classroom, virtually or in person. Observations are one class period in length and are each based on specific standards based on the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP).

The three Instructional Consultant observations are announced, and the mentor’s two observations are unannounced.

  • All teachers in PRPIL are required to compile an ePortfolio of evidence demonstrating competence in a selection of elements from the professional standards for teachers. At the end of the program, your portfolio is submitted to Class Measures for review.

Most teachers complete the program in 4-6 months, but you can advance at your own pace.


How to apply

All applications are submitted via the online application process. In order to apply you will need the information/documents detailed below, and a short video walking you through the process is shown here:



Contact information, license and employment information, etc. as requested in the first few pages of the application.

For online applications, please scan and upload the requested documents.  For paper applications, please attach original documents except for licenses and PDP certificates for which copies are acceptable.

Include your current teaching position., school name and dates of employment.

Use your paper license or a printout of your Unofficial License Information page from ELAR.

For online applicants this form can be downloaded here, or from from the bottom of the documents page.

This form can be downloaded here, or from the bottom of the documents page.  Please give the potential mentor a copy of the Mentor Responsibilities, which can be downloaded from within the online application.

Use the mentor's paper license or a printout of his/her Unofficial License Information page from ELAR.

For online applicants, this form can be downloaded here, or from the bottom of the documents page.

Include enough to document a minimum of 120 hours of training in pedagogy.

This is required for Music Teachers only.  Please include the outline mentioned in the Subject Matter Knowledge document as well as any additional evidence needed.


Program cost and payment options

The following information applies to all applicants with effect from August 1st 2020.


Application Fee: $75.00 due with submission of the PRPIL application.

Program Fee: $2,400.00

All program costs are non-refundable.



The following program fee payment options are available to all teachers.

Payment Option 1: Full amount is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Invoices are issued after acceptance.

Payment Option 2: Four quarterly payments of $600.00.

Payment Option 3: Six bi-monthly payments of $400.00

For a full schedule of payment dates for the Spring and Fall intakes, please see the Payment and Deadlines page

A $25.00 late fee will be added for every 30 days past due.

Please note: Full payment must be received prior to Class Measures providing endorsement to the DESE.

All payments should be made via the Class Measures secure payment portal.


IMPORTANT: Please be sure to click SUBMIT on the last page.  If you have updated a previously submitted application, please click SUBMIT again to alert the office staff that your application has been updated.

You will be contacted by email when your application has been reviewed. This may take up to two weeks.