ActionPlan+ for self-evaluation and improvement planning

simplifying the management of the school improvement journey through robust self-assessment and effective school planning

Action Plan+ is a dynamic and easy-to-use online tool which streamlines the management of school improvement plans to provide maximum impact. Using the system, your school can easily complete an evidence-based assessment (evaluation) and then create an action plan which allocates and targets resources where they are most needed. 

Through dashboard monitoring and email alerts, ActionPlan+ helps to drive the progress of your improvement plan, keeping users informed as key dates approach and providing clear monitoring reports for leaders at all levels.

Thanks to its flexibility, ActionPlan+ can be customized to fit any evaluation framework and any size or structure of organization from a single small school to a very large group of schools.



Brings consistency and rigor to school improvement, enabling you to target resources and support more effectively

Allows you to define common reporting formats and view progress of development actions across all schools

Supports evidence-based assessment judgments and action planning and provides a single repository for storing associated evidence

Clearly demonstrates a school's strengths and how weaknesses are being addressed

Provides at-a-glance dashboard monitoring of the progress of actions at the level of an individual school or grouping of schools

Facilitates targeted sharing of best practice across a community of schools

Promotes accountability and visibility for all stakeholders at all levels, keeping the right people informed and engaged